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Pitching Competition

Co-hosted by Memeland, Newman Group and Web3 Harbour

Join us for the Memeland x Newman Group Pitching Competition, exclusively co-organized by Web3 Harbour for web3 startups and designed specifically to highlight and support the most promising innovations in the realm of decentralized web technologies.

First Round

From the initial pool of applications, teams that exhibit the most potential will be invited to present their ideas at the first round of pitching hosted by Web3 Harbour. This initial pitching event is a crucial stage where teams will demonstrate their potential to a panel of industry experts, early adopters, and representatives from the investment community.

Web3 Harbour

Co-organizer for Pitching Competition

Web3 Harbour is an action-oriented industry association in Hong Kong dedicated to engaging and representing builders, users, investors, and business leaders to create a pro-innovation, pro-collaboration, and truly inclusive environment for the decentralised internet and virtual asset economy. 

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Innovation and Originality

We are seeking startups that are pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the web3 space. Your idea should be unique and it should represent a significant advancement or a novel approach in the field of decentralized web technologies.

Technology and Execution

The technical aspects of your project are crucial. We'll be looking at the underlying technology, its robustness, scalability, and the team's ability to execute the idea.

Market Potential


The startup should have a clear target market and a strong understanding of this market. We're looking for projects that have the potential to create significant impact in their target market and possess a scalable business model.

Team Composition and Capability

The strength, diversity, and skills of your team are essential. We want to see a mix of technical prowess, business acumen, and a clear passion for the web3 space.

Development Stage and Roadmap

Startups that have reached a development stage or have a clear, realistic, and achievable roadmap will be favored. We're interested in the progress made so far, and the future plans for development and growth.

Value Proposition

We're interested in startups that can clearly articulate the problem they're solving, how their solution is better than existing alternatives, and the value it brings to users.

Final Round on Aqualuna

Based on their performance, the top 10 finalists will move forward to the grand finale. This final round of the competition will take place on November 3, 2023, aboard the Aqualuna, a unique venue that will provide an unforgettable backdrop to this pivotal event.

The winning web3 startup will not only secure significant non-dilutive funding but also gain access to a wealth of resources including mentorship from industry leaders, media exposure, and business plan feedback.

If you're a web3 entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Don't miss your chance to be part of the next wave of internet evolution.


19 OCT

Application Deadline. Apply Now!

22 OCT

Shortlisted teams will be notified by email, followed up with details on first round

24 OCT

Deadline to submit decks for first round of pitching

26 OCT

First round of pitching, hosted by Web3 Harbour
Please refer to the email communication for details

Top 10 finalists will be announced on the same day


Final round of pitching, hosted by Memeland and the Newman Group during the cruise aboard the Aqualuna on Hong Kong Harbour  



3:00 PM

All teams gather at Central Pier 9 to board Aqualuna

7:00 pm

Networking night at Faye. Get tickets

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